About the Artist

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Even as a child, Beth realized she was born to be an artist. So, she painted and drew throughout her high school and college years.

She put herself through college working full time and graduated with a double major Bachelor of Fine Arts and a concentration in painting and Communications.

She began her professional art career completing detailed soft renderings of residential and commercial properties for real estate companies to market their listings and to present to buyers upon closing.

“Drawing and draftsmanship is the foundation of all my work. The drawing is the armature upon which value, color, shapes and perspective are hung. Major shapes and negative space are the geography in which the other elements live.”

This is the world in which Beth creates her paintings. Whether they are landscapes or portraits of people or animals, Beth creates a world you want to be in. You can see yourself riding that horse, or walking in that wood. Those chickens make you smile, remind you of your own childhood. You think you've been on that beach, watching the sunrise through the fog. Perhaps you have been to the places she paints, but even if you haven’t, you recognize them. Beth's paintings make you feel welcome, they are familiar and lingering, mysterious and powerful yet quiet and respectful.